Bakery & Treats

Seasonal special

Every day we serve a selection of homemade cakes, loaves, tray bakes, muffins, bliss balls and other delicious treats to sit in or take out.

You can find plenty of gluten/dairy/sugar free and vegan options.


Chia seed & almond milk pots
- blueberries, toasted almonds, cacao nibs & coconut yoghurt
(gluten/dairy/sugar free/vegan)
Bircher muesli
with apple, goji berries, toasted hazelnuts, pistachios
& coconut yoghurt
(gluten/dairy/sugar free/vegan)
Homemade seed & nut granola
- with Greek yoghurt & berry coulis 2.50
- with coconut yoghurt & mango 3.00
Quinoa, oats & almond milk porridge
until 11.30am SIT IN 4.60 - TAKE AWAY 3.10
- banana, honey & nuts
- berry coulis
- coconut yoghurt, coconut chips, maple syrup, cacao nibs & pomegranate (+1.00)
(dairy/gluten/sugar free/vegan)
- Ham & cheddar cheese 3.00
- Cheddar cheese & sun-dried tomato 2.80
Gourmet bacon sandwich
Smoked streaky bacon, smashed avocado, tomato, mayo & spinach brioche bun 4.20
- add fried egg / melted cheddar 1.00
Smoked salmon bagel
with cream cheese, capers, lemon & dill
with sunflower & chia seeds, chilli flakes & lemon 4.00
- add poached / scrambled egg 1.40
- add streaky bacon / smoked salmon 2.20
- add streaky bacon / smoked salmon / avocado 2.20
- with jam / honey / nut butter (+80)


Tuesday 18th September

Today's gourmet sandwiches 

1. Focaccia with hummus, feta, sunblushed tomaton& baby spinach  (Allergens: dairy, gluten) 4.30

2. Smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, capers, rocket & dill (Allergens: gluten, dairy, fish) 4.40

3. Ciabatta with beef pastrami, cheddar, mayo & rocket (Allergens: gluten, dairy, egg) 4.30

Today salads

(Monday to Friday only)

Mini box 2.50  Small box 5.50  Large box 7.40 

- Choose one, two or a mix of all :

1. Basil pearled barley, sprouting broccoli, sweet potato, goat's cheese & baby spinach (Allergen: dairy)

2. Roasted butternut squash, feta, asparagus, chickpeas, red chard leaves & lemon dressing

3. Roasted baby potatoes, green beans, red cabbage, red peppers & minted yoghurt dressing (Allergen: dairy)

Add protein

 - Grilled chicken breast 3.10

 - Poached salmon with lemon & dill 3.40

- Frittata of the day: Feta, asparagus, sundried tomato & basil (Allergens: dairy, egg) 

- Soup of the day: Broccoli & tomato

You can order everything for takeaway via Quiqup!

These are take out prices, sit in is + vat at the current rate.

If these specials sell out we will be serving different ones.

NB: If these specials haven't updated since the last time you visited our site please just refresh your page :)

Coffee & Tea

We pride ourselves on our artisan coffee using Monmouth organic beans, and we serve Jenier premium loose-leaf tea.

Specialist Health Foods

We also sell a growing range of specialist health food ingredients to use at home such as almond milk, nut butters, superfood supplements, raw chocolate, sprouted oats and  zore.

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